As budgets and resources tighten, more and more companies and organizations are realizing the benefits of hiring event planning companies to manage their events. Once you find the right planning company that understands the importance of becoming an extension of your own team, the benefits are numerous.

Here are just 4 reasons to consider an event planning company.

Reason #1: Renew focus on core competencies

Your company's main purpose is to provide a service, sell a product or, as an association, represent a trade industry or professional group through lobbying, fundraising or other services. An event planning company’s focus is in conference or meeting coordination. By partnering with an event company, you allow your staff to shift focus back to your core business while a professional event planning team gives you 100 percent of their attention.

Reason #2: Save time and money

When you partner with an event company, you’re entrusting their professional, experienced event coordinators to be advocates for your business and to negotiate on your behalf. Professional event planners have years of experience building relationships with venues and accommodations, negotiating contracts, coordinating speakers and tracks, working with creative teams to execute marketing campaigns and using technology to support the event planning process. Because of this, they’re able to plan and execute your event in less time with less money – allowing you to save precious time and achieve your financial goals.

Reason #3: Technology

Organizations and corporations sometimes tackle their events using their in-house staff and existing resources. But most event planning companies have spent years developing the technology needed for every piece of the event. While corporations or small businesses may use spreadsheets for planning, event coordinators use sophisticated management programs that can churn out more than 300 tasks and track deadlines for each event. The best event companies are able to develop customized registration systems that allow event coordinators to run reports on speaker assignments, track attendees and print badges that participants can scan for each session they attend.

Reason #4: Flawless on-site execution

If you’ve ever worked an event before – especially a multiple-day event – you know the word stressful is an understatement. Little sleep, lots of on-the-fly decisions to make and horribly sore feet. Event management company coordinators and their set-up/tear-down team are able to address and fix issues immediately, because—most likely—they’ve experienced them before. They make sure speakers, sponsors and attendees are taken care of and move from session to session with ease.

How has partnering with an event company helped your conference or event?

Written by Denise Pischinger

Denise is the Director of Marketing for Swift Solutions. With a degree in public relations, she is a published author and produced screenwriter who enjoys all types of creative writing.