Who We Are

Our History and Expertise

Established in 2001 as an independently owned and operated HUB based in Austin, Swift Solutions has done it all – full service event planning, marketing and public relations, association management, registration and more. Each of our clients receives one-on-one attention from our top-notch professional staff, whose expertise includes meeting and conference planning, marketing, creative design services, finance, technology and project and database management.

Customer Service

Every client is a priority.

Deborah Swift
Managing Partner

Swift has more than 30 years’ experience managing statewide conferences and expositions ranging from 800 attendees to more than 30,000. She began her career in event management as an association executive. As communications director and later vice president, she worked to increase attendance at the Southwest Trucking Show, which hosted 20,000 attendees. She later oversaw the Southwest Foodservice Expo, attended by 30,000 plus.

Thomas Jones

Jones leads the innovative technology efforts of Swift Solutions. He has developed numerous resources and cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency for flawless execution of events from planning to close-out. Jones was an integral part of the development of the Halloween and Party Expo, which boasted 1,100 booths and 6,000 attendees in its first year.

Our Experienced Team

In addition to Swift’s experience, the staff of Swift Solutions has a combined total of more than 70 years of industry experience. Our staff is a diverse group of individuals who are dedicated, knowledgeable and truly passionate about driving results through quality work.


Every event is unique.

Our Story

Re-Imagined Success

Swift’s experiences shaped the company’s strategy. Noticing drastic differences in the needs and challenges of each event paired with an ever-changing industry, she realized that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work in the real world. Swift also understood that creative services and technology could change the way event organizers handle marketing, management and planning, and on-site execution.

Innovative Solutions

These observations, along with her natural inclination toward innovation, led Swift to start a family-owned business that would do things differently. Swift Solutions built sophisticated databases to integrate programming, planning and registration; used market research to track the event industry’s changing trends and challenges; and implemented a line of customized solutions.

Customer Service

Swift Solutions emphasizes its “Client is King” customer service philosophy. Sixteen years later, Swift Solutions still retains its very first client and has added a host of others to its portfolio. Swift Solutions has grown, but its strategy remains the same. Every client is a priority, every new challenge deserves an innovative solution, and every event will be re-imagined.