Client is King

IMAGINE…A company that puts its clients above all else. Swift Solutions forms lasting partnerships with each client to address individual needs, develop customized solutions and provide personal access to a creative team. We work with our clients to foster innovation with the goal of seeing and doing things differently – allowing you to give a polite royal wave to the competition that lags behind you.

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Dare to Dream

IMAGINE…An event company that won’t say, “No.” If you dream it, Swift Solutions will make it happen. We’re constantly moving forward, adding to our line of customized services and innovative technology. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in the industry, exceed our clients’ expectations and stay ahead of the curve.

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The Bottom Line

IMAGINE…Focusing on your core competencies while increasing profitability. Swift Solutions and its expert planners are passionate about every aspect of event management. By outsourcing your events, you get to focus on YOUR passions, which include your bottom-line goals. Check out our BLOG to find out why event outsourcing virtually ALWAYS results in a more profitable business.

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Meetings are all about the details.


Success Re-Imagined

For over 16 years, Swift Solutions has been fortunate to work with clients who have allowed us to manage and grow unforgettable events and associations. There are memories and images that will last forever…from witnessing unforgettable speakers motivate an capturing networking that forms life-long creating a new, successful 1,100 booth show in less than nine months…to producing stage productions that amaze and astound. We’ve done it all and we’re ready for more. A look at Swift Solutions’ client projects: Success Re-Imagined.

What We Do

Innovative Transformation

Just as Swift Solutions transforms events, our expertise in management, marketing and technology allows us to reimagine the success of every aspect of your business.

Find the Experts

Motivational experts drive registration and retain attendees. We find spectacular speakers to deliver information your attendees need

Creative Collaboration

As a client, you have exclusive access to our creative team for your event’s logo, website, brochure, program, video or social media campaign.

Site Selection and Destination Planning

Whether you’re out of town or hosting a local event, the venue is key to your success…let Swift Solutions deliver the perfect setting and travel arrangements.

Negotiate Price

We watch all the pennies and negotiate all the costs – site-related, audio-visual, food and speakers. We manage your budget to protect your bottom line.

Effortless Execution

We’re the onsite experts and we’ve seen and dealt with it all. Your event will run flawlessly because our team is behind the scenes making it so.

Precise Planning

The devil is in the details. For successful events, Swift Solutions uses a complex database to dot all the “i”s and cross all the “t”s so you don’t have to.

Drive Data Results

Swift effortlessly executes sophisticated data marketing to get the right people to your event and allow you to stay connected afterward, for added value.

Increase the Bottom Line

No one is better at efficiently increasing event revenue or shaving expenses than Swift Solutions. By partnering with us, you’ll prevent the risk of lost proceeds.

Case Study


I have worked with Swift Solutions on two events: one large, annual trade show and one small association conference. The large event was the Halloween & Party Expo, which my company owned from 2008-15. The H&P Expo is an approximately 150,000 net-square-foot trade show for Halloween, costume and party-supplies retailers. Attendees include everyone from Wal-Mart and Amazon down to mom-and-pop stores. It has a lot of moving parts and complexities. Swift Solutions managed the show for us every year we owned it, and they did an impeccable job. Their planning, execution and attention to detail was second to none. Perhaps more importantly, our exhibitors and attendees raved about Swift’s customer service. Every year, we were told what a pleasure it was to work with our show-management team. Swift helped us create a huge event from scratch, grow it into the Halloween costume and party industry’s premier show, and they did it efficiently and economically.

Jonathan G. Erwin
Vice President/General Counsel
Party Club of America, LLC